When and Then

Here’s a great way to set yourself up for a successful Time Habit…

When and Then

First, identify something you already do regularly.  Good examples of this could be writing an email, entering the office or starting a meeting.

Then attach a desired action to it.  Just like washing your hands after going to the toilet, you can attach desired actions to existing ones, and when you’ve done them together enough times they become a habit.


When I enter the office, Then I put my phone on the desk next to the door so I’m not tempted to check it unnecessarily.

When I start a meeting, Then I set the finish time and the desired outcomes straight away so the meeting has a structure.

When I have lots of tasks to complete in a day, Then I spend a few minutes planning out my day before I begin.

When and Then is a great tool for developing Time Habits.  Give it a try!

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