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The Four-Week

Productivity Project

Believe it or not, not all of the people I help to master their time are business owners or corporate clients.

In recent months in particular, I’ve been working one-to-one with some wonderful individuals on a much more personal level – to help them master their time so that they can focus on their individual goals, overcome their own distractions, and improve their over-all balance in their personal lives.

People just like you, who want to spend more time with their loved ones.

People just like you, who want more time to relax, get happier, or get healthier.

People just like you, who want more time available to do the things they actually want to do – not just more time to tackle the things they have to do.

Relationships, hobbies, ambitions… they’re all essential to us as we aim to be (or become) well-rounded, happy, and healthy people. But having, finding, or indeed even making the time for those things can often cause problems.

Think of me as a Personal Trainer...

... for your Time!

I’m never going to change my title away from that of Coach and Time Mastery Specialist, but for the purposes of this page, humour me in thinking of me as a Personal Trainer… but for your time, not your triceps! Other muscles are available.

A bit like having a PT (Personal Trainer) to get you in physical shape, having a PT for your time (Productivity Trainer, perhaps?) will help you get your life into shape by supporting you to make more of the time that you already have, so that everything you’re doing is leading to positive, happy, and healthy outcomes.


Instead of losing weight, lose the distractions that rob you of your time.

Instead of toning up, tighten up your use of time to really make it work for you.

Instead of looking great naked, well… I don’t really have an analogy for that one!

Bring your life some balance


The Four-Week Productivity Project is all about working with me (Steven Watson) over a four-week period (funnily enough), to help you develop a balanced schedule, a focused approach to your time, and accountability for not only using your time well, but also for influencing others to respect that time of yours, too.

There’s no fixed pattern or expectation as to how often you and I will meet or interact in that four-week period. The whole point is that ‘from the off’, I can start making things easier for you by at least fitting into the time you already have!

As an example, however, we might start with a Zoom call, where I get to know you and start to work with you to create a realistic plan that will allow you meet your goals and expectations at the end of the four weeks. As we progress through the period, we can then assess any changes that need to be made, overcome any obstacles, and gradually add more layers to the strategy to really maximise your time and bring your life some balance. However you want to communicate in this time, that’s exactly what we’ll go with.

This project is about you.

Nobody else. Just you!

The cost to get stuck in with me on The Four-Week Productivity Project to bring your life some balance is £400. You’ll need to have skin in the game to make this work – and by ‘work’, I mean get to the end of the programme absolutely delighted you’ve had a return on your investment.

This is not a group programme to join or a yet another community to sign up to.

This is about you and you only.

100% of our time together will be dedicated to you, your obstacles, and your ambitions.


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